The Pifany is a space dedicated to propelling mothers forward in both career and life. We are a company by mothers for mothers, and we believe deeply in the benefits of collective wisdom. Our goal is to provide a beautiful, safe and inviting workspace where each of our members can thrive. In this space, we work, create, mentor, celebrate triumphs, overcome setbacks, develop business ideas and always, always, pay it forward.

Before we became mothers, we worked in jobs that molded our careers, we started businesses, climbed the ranks, led teams and gained invaluable experience in our respective fields. Through that progression we made the conscious decision start a family. There was no way to know how that would affect us, physically, emotionally or mentally. Nor did we know how stepping away from our careers, though it may have seemed temporary at the time, would never be the same when we returned, if we returned at all. As our kids become stable and more self-sufficient and we are able to focus on ourselves again, it is imperative to have a network to lean on that can help propel us to our goals. A community that understands us as business women and mothers.


Lisa’s Story

The Pifany was started by mother of two, Lisa Raja and is headquartered in Oakland, CA. Lisa spent 16 years in the fashion industry getting her first taste of entrepreneurship, successfully operating her first business, iniam, an Oakland based woman’s boutique. She then took on management roles within top Bay Area retail start-ups such as Cuyana, Joyus and Threadflip. Lisa eventually returned to her entrepreneurial roots as CEO of TRADEMOMS, a marketplace for moms to sell products and services. Through those years, she gained invaluable insight into women’s buying habits while also building meaningful relationships and connections with mothers in her community. Lisa quickly realized there was a need for a collaborative workspace that offered resources and inspiration as it related to business and motherhood.